Daily Prayer

Daily Prayer

Daily prayer is necessary for us to stay grounded in God’s Word and to successfully live daily in our baptism. The church has a rich history of daily prayer for both families and the church.

I have encouraged us here at Grace Lutheran to use the daily lectionary that is found in our hymnal, The Lutheran Service Book (pgs. 299-304). If you are a member of Grace and you do not have a hymnal at home, please let me know and we will get you one!

It is also compiled into a wonderful resourced called The Treasury of Daily Prayer. You may buy a copy at Concordia Publishing House here.

Bible Reding Checklist

Daily Bible reading goes perfectly with daily prayer. Here’s a helpful checklist for you to keep up with your Bible reading. (It’s in book-fold format.)

Orders of Daily Prayer

Our hymnal, The Lutheran Service Book, is a wonderful resource for daily prayer. It has the daily lectionary as mentioned above. It also has wonderful liturgies and prayers and hymns that should be a part of your daily prayer life. The hymnal is really meant to be a home book as well as a church book.

If you are so inclined, you may buy your own copy from Concordia Publishing House here.

For you convenience, here are some of the most common liturgies used for daily prayer.