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From the Pastor

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April, 2023 Newsletter Article

Dear Saints,

I will be putting copies of Gottesdienst on the narthex table. It should be coming soon in the mail. It is a quarterly journal concerned with all things liturgical. Here is its “about” statement:

“The German word Gottesdienst (pronounced GOT-tess-deenst; lit. “God’s service”) is appropriately defined as both “divine service” and “public worship.” The first and fundamental definition portrays God’s sacramental service toward man in the preaching of the Word and the administration of the Sacrament. The second and subordinate definition portrays man’s sacrificial service toward God in the offering of hymns, prayers, etc.

Gottesdienst proposes that the historic Divine Service of the Western Christian Church is more than Christian antiquity. It is a theological treasure which is most fitting for today’s Christian Church. The slogan Leitourgiae propria adiaphoria non est (lit., “Indifference is not characteristic of the liturgy”) reflects this conviction.”

The journal always contains sermons.  Sermons are good to read. It has long been the practice for the church to gather together and listen to sermons from great theologians like Dr. Martin Luther when it does not have a called pastor. But this is also a way for you to meditate upon God’s Word, especially as you meditate what impact it has on your day to day life. I realize this is not everyone’s cup of tea, or coffee.

There are several other types of articles in the journal. They relate to a lesser or greater degree to the Divine Service, but I am surprised at how many times the article extends into the arena of daily life. For example, the Trinity 2022 issue has a great article on “The Perils of Critical Race Theory.” This is definitely a complex issue in our times that affects all areas of our life.

     Some articles deal directly with the liturgy. These are great to increase your understanding of what we do and why. Our Christian life flows out of the gifts of the Divine Service. We receive from God so we can be a thank offering to our neighbor. The more understanding we have of what we receive and do in the Divine Service increases our enjoyment of it, in my opinion. I again realize that this might not be your cup of tea either. And that is really okay.

Some articles seem directed only at pastors. They can still be helpful for all of us. The Trinity 2022 issue has an article called “Advice for the Ministry: Productivity.” It is actually a great piece that highlights that it is not just for pastors. We can all be more productive, I am sure!

This may or may not interest you and that is okay. My desire is to make available something to you that I have found extremely interesting and helpful, both as a laymen and as a pastor. It only comes out four times a year, so it is not a time consuming read. Please try it out and see if you get anything of value from it.

Blessings in Christ.

Pastor Maggard

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